Smart Asset Tracking With RFID & GPS

Your company assets are an essential part of your business and a critical aspect of business flow. Knowing what items you have, and having those assets properly serviced in a timely manner is critical for efficiency and quality control.

With NovoTrax Smart Asset Tracking and RTLS and RFID readers, NovoTrax Smart Asset Tracking lets you know what assets you have and exactly where they are located.

NovoTrax Smart Asset Tracking lets you know when asset maintenance is required, who is authorized to service each particular asset, and what price you can expect to pay for the service rendered.

NovoTrax Smart Asset Tracking can automate work orders for routine and preventative maintenance and keeps track of service agreements and contracts.

NovoTrax Smart Asset Tracking helps you optimize all of your assets and helps you determine whether to lease or buy assets.

Location tracking of your assets with NovoTrax gives you the precise location of your asset resources and their current operational status; this saves you tons of time and money.

Stop searching for the assets that you think you have, and start knowing what and where you have those assets.

Best of all, NovoTrax Asset Management seamlessly integrates with all other NovoTrax modules so that everyone is working from the same page.

This is not just some “out of the box” or “one-shoe fits all” application; so let the NovoTrax team of experts custom build precision Asset Tracking, especially for you – NovoTrax Smart Asset Tracking is exactly what you need for optimum business flow and customer satisfaction!

Mobile Solution
NovoTrax works flawlessly with mobile devices, such as Apple and Android, allowing officers and other technicians to get their respective assignments and respond quickly. Efficient and silent communication keeps steady workflow and secures privacy. Also works with single direction and two-way paging systems.

Because We Care
A generous portion of our proceeds proudly goes to the National Fallen Officer Foundation to help the families of our fallen heroes.


  • Small, to large business asset management solution
  • Client-Side Configuration
  • Real-Time Communication
  • RTLS Real-time Location tracking
  • RFID asset tracking
  • “Return and Report” technology
  • Fully compatible with mobile devices
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  • Service Agreement and Contract Tracking
  • Location Detection
  • Detailed Reporting lets you choose exactly what you want to see
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • CJIS Compliant
  • Secure
  • Integrates well with other manufacturers
  • Any feature you want, we’ll build it!

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