Smart Police CAD & RMS

Smart Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Police Dispatch and Smart Records Management System (RMS) within NovoTrax can provide accurate dispatching of your police vehicle teams with “Return and Report” technology and eTicketing with full records management. Uniformly manages all case, citation, violations, arrests, confiscations, and other crucial public safety records. Tracks chain of custody, property, assets, inmate and officer locations.

Completely integrates with other NovoTrax Smart products allowing full communication with Fire & Rescue, Ambulance, Service, and Tow dispatch management with intelligent “One Call” (one data entry) technology. NovoTrax can dispatch any number of, or any combination type of public safety vehicles and teams including; Fire & Rescue, Ambulance, Service, and Tow with only one single data entry. “One Call” and one data entry improve response times and can save lives.

NovoTrax Smart Police CAD & RMS offers custom utilization of detailed maps and Ariel coordinates to show streets, traffic congestion, fire hydrants, and other important landmarks and buildings. Real-time data and event tracking give you the critical data history that you need for legal and investigative support.

Police Dispatch and Records management offers a wide variety of incident reporting and custody forms to meet state and federal standards for quick and accurate data retrieval. Advanced automation technology maximizes resources and enhances care and protection.

Mobile Solution

NovoTrax works flawlessly with mobile devices, such as Apple and Android, allowing officers and other technicians to get their respective assignments and respond quickly. Efficient and silent communication keeps steady workflow and secures privacy. Also works with single direction and two-way paging systems.

Because We Care
A generous portion of our proceeds proudly goes to the National Fallen Officer Foundation to help the families of our fallen heroes.

  • CAD Police Dispatching
  • Records Management with eTicketing
  • Real-Time Vehicle Location Tracking
  • Real-Time Officer Location Tracking
  • Real-Time Asset Location Tracking
  • Powerful Chain of Custody Tracking
  • Real-Time Inmate or Suspect Location Tracking
  • Jail Management
  • “One Call” Technology
  • State and Federal solution
  • Small, to large municipal solution
  • Multiple municipalities solution
  • Client-Side Configuration
  • Advanced Dispatch Control
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • “Return and Report” technology
  • Fully compatible with mobile devices
  • 22 automation mode settings
  • Zoned Officer Matching
  • Call Type Officer Matching
  • Equipment Type Officer Matching
  • Best Fit Vehicle Matching
  • Multiple Vehicle Assignment
  • Open and/or Controlled Broadcast modes
  • Seamless integration with GIS
  • GPS / AVL Tracking
  • Tracks Fuel Usage
  • Tracks Efficiency
  • Tracks Driver’s Habits
  • Tracks Vehicle Health
  • Tracks Vehicle Maintenance
  • Tracks Hours of Service
  • Breadcrumb History Trail
  • Uploading files, such as receipts
  • Seamless integration with RFID
  • Seamless integration with RTLS
  • Seamless integration with Hospitals
  • Seamless integration with Ambulance dispatching
  • Seamless integration with Fire & Rescue vehicle dispatching
  • Seamless integration with Service & Tow vehicle dispatching
  • CJIS Compliant
  • Detailed Reporting lets you choose exactly what you want to see.
  • Report broadcasting keeps everyone on the same page.

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