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Live Body Cam

Get The Real Picture.
Know where everyone is located in REAL TIME. See what they see, and hear what they hear in real-time. Video, audio, and GPS coordinated are all captured to the CLOUD in real-time.
RETRACE every step of the way.
See LIVE events.
NOTHING gets lost.

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Active Shooter Prevention

The threat of active shooters is constant. NovoTrax has the ability to detect firearms and other weapons while still in the parking lot BEFORE they enter the school, simultaneously lock the school down, and instantly dispatch first responders WITHOUT calling 911.
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Smart Dispatching

Smart Police and Fire & Rescue Dispatch With Smart Records Management within NovoTrax can provide accurate dispatching of your first responder vehicle teams with “Return and Report” technology. Completely integrates with other NovoTrax products to allow full communication with Police, Ambulance, and Service vehicle dispatch management.
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Smart City

See how NovoTrax can help each department in your city, county, state, or enterprise all communicate effectively together cutting out wasted time and duplication of resources using Distributive Process Control.

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